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Thai Boxing

Phuket Muay Thai Camp:Learn muay thai kick boxing while relaxing on your vacation in Phuket thailand. Phuket island in Thailand first kick boxing camp has muay thai boxing training programs designed for any level, from basic training to muay thai certification, so take advantage of the low cost accommodations and thai boxing training,equipment available, while experiencing unique thai culture at our exotic outdoor location overlooking Rawai and Chalong Beach. Our English speaking staff will individually train you according to your abilities. Visit http://www.martialartsphuket.com

Rawai Muaythai Camp Personal Trainers are available for (One on One) Thai Boxing & Fitness Training 6 hours a day , 6 days a week, the gym is open 24 hours, 7 days a week for students that want to do extra training in the early mornings or late @ night.

Our trainers @ Rawai Muay Thai Camp can help a complete beginner of Muay Thai Boxing reach basic competition level after only 8 - 12 weeks of Training @ Rawai Muaythai Camp.
Females / children / families / males / complete beginners & all age groups / every one is welcome @ Rawai Muay Thai Camp. You dont have to train 6 hours every day, but the trainers are available for those people that want to try. Visit http://www.rawaimuaythai.com



Learning original Muay Thai Kick boxing in Phuket

From expert ex Thai Champions at the phuket muay thai camp and gym, while relaxing on your vacation in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket Island's original and Muay Thai Camp has programs designed for any level and various martial art programs. Take advantage of the low cost instructors and available equipment while experiencing unique Thai culture. Our English speaking staff will individually train you according to your abilities. You will NOT be lost in a crowd. We maintain a high ratio of teacher to student. Visit us at Phuket Muay Thai Camp and Gym so that you can get your Muay Thai boxing certification. Muay Thai kick boxing for women is getting more popular. We are more than happy to teach all women kick boxing at Phuket Muay Thai Camp and Gym. Visit http://www.phuket-muay-thai.com

Patong Kickboxing Photos


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