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Arrival at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

There are many ways now to go to the airport in Bangkok.

The less fortunate can go to the bus station to the airport by shuttle bus (free) and take a bus going from the airport in Bangkok. There are 11 lines that serve more Quatier of the city.

Since 2010, the express trains connect the airport to the BTS station "Phaya Thai" and allows stopping at the station "Makkasan" moving on to the station "Petchaburi" the subway (MRT). Is a nice option if one is alone with little luggage when rush hour.

The taxi is still the most convenient when you are 2 or more because it brings you directly to your hotel. Rates are also very inexpensive.

When you exit the baggage claim area, you must go down one floor following the sign "Taxi-Meter". Once outside you will see little stands where you give the address of your hotel.

Transport and Traffic

Taxis (Taxi-Meter) :

You'll have no trouble finding a taxi to BKK, it's everywhere ... It's a fairly simple way to move in Bangkok, but it requires some learning. First, assume that the driver does not speak English and when he speaks, it is rarely an English language that you will come to understand. Just ask the hotel reception that place you in Thailand your destination on a piece of paper.

Tuks Tuks:

That's enough folk to travel by tuk-tuk in Bangkok and experience to live if you stay a few days in the capital. The basic rule is to discuss the price before getting in the tuk-tuk.

The motorcycle taxis:

This is a very useful mode of transport for short trips if you are alone. The price varies from 40 to 60 baht.


Metro et Sky-Train :

The subway and sky-train (Railway) are very recent in Bangkok and are divided into three lines. One for the subway and two for the sky-train. The two networks are independent and do not communicate with each other even if there are intersections that allow you to switch from one to another, but on leaving the metro to catch the sky train. The two lines are the sky-train, they, connected to the station "Siam". The subway and sky-train are very convenient for getting around Bangkok if you have a long walk when rush hour.

The price depends on how many stations you want to take. The ticket price varies (10 to 40 baht), and it can be purchased with an automatic. The ticket is to keep out of the station. A BTS unlimited passes for the day may also be purchased (advantageous to avoid the tail and if you make several round trip).

The last train leaves the station at about midnight.

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