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The driving directions on Google maps as of 2009 can send you in the wrong direction. We just got back from Khao Sok national Park two days ago and have found the fastest way there. I recommend that you print these directions and keep them handy in the car while you are driving to avoid any wrong turns. Khao Sok national Park pricing, activities, accommodations, and more info.

The first step is to get on Highway 402 which is the main highway heading north and south on Phuket Island. Take Highway 402 North. After you go through the checkpoint on the north end of Phuket Island you will cross a bridge onto the mainland.

Keep on following the highway and take a right-hand turn at the first major fork in the road. This is highway 4 going northeast.

Note... there is a fork in the road around the town of "Ka Lai" which you can go either way around. There is another fork around the area of "Takua" which you can also go either way around... both ways will put you back on Highway 4.

The next major turn is a right-hand turn onto Highway 415 which heads southeast for a while before heading back northeast. If you would like to take a more scenic route around the meandering roads through the jungle do not take a right on Highway 415 and continue straight on Highway 4. If you take the scenic route you will need to take a left onto Highway 415 after coming out of the mountains. The scenic route in my opinion is not that scenic in comparison with Khao Sok national Park so for that reason I would recommend you do not take it.

If you did not take the scenic route and are still traveling on Highway 415 you will come to a three-way intersection where you can take a left hand turn onto 415 heading north or you can continue straight and take a left onto Highway 415 further down the road. Why they have two different highways named "415" is beyond me. I recommend you take a second Highway 415 North.

Continue on Highway 415 heading north.

Turn right onto Highway 401.

You are now on the final leg to Khao Sok national Park. Just a couple more critical turns and you will be at the parking lot where you can park your car, buy your tickets, and board the Longtail boat that will take you into the national Park.

From here you just continue on Highway 401 for a few kilometers and then take a left-hand turn when you see the sign for the Park. When you reach the three-way intersection turn left and then turn right at your next fork in the road. The left will take you over the dam to the observatory. The right-hand turn will take you to the parking lot where you can purchase your tickets and park your car and board the boats.

We parked our car there for three days without a problem. The entrance fee for foreigners is 200 baht in the entrance fee for Thai nationals is 20 baht. This concludes the driving directions from Phuket Island to Khao Sok national Park. Enjoy your stay. Khao Sok national Park pricing, activities, accommodations, and more info.


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