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There are two different areas of Khao Sok national Park... one area is not located on the water and focuses more on jungle hikes, elephant trekking, and land-based activities and the other area of Khao Sok national Park is water based.

The water-based area of Khao Sok national Park is more fun in my opinion because the bungalows are floating on the water and everything is accessible by longtail boat. All of the accommodations are approximately 500 to 600 baht per day and that includes breakfast lunch and dinner.

Khao Sok national Park activities

Here are just some of the things you can do in the park... swimming in the clear and fresh warm water, taking the complementary kayaks out to explore, watching the monkeys in the trees, watching big fish that hang around the bungalows to get fed, going on jungle hikes, going spelunking ( an extra three hundred ), relaxing on your floating bungalow having your morning coffee, ordering cold beers from the hotel and consuming them in the afternoon after a rigorous tracking session... beers are about 50 Baht which is affordable however I recommend you bring an entire cooler of your own with ice.

Khao Sok national Park is a man-made lake used to generate power that is sold to nearby countries. The scenery is stunning and depending on the season the wildlife is abundant. Evidently the rainy season is the better time to see wildlife and waterfalls.

Here are driving directions from Phuket to Khao Sok national Park.

This place is on my short list of must visit places in southern Thailand. It is within driving distance of Khao Lak, Ranong, and Krabi. I have been there two times and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Interesting combo tours for a bit more money can be taken. This is what we did the first time... the second time we went by ourselves to save the cash. There are several companies offering tours into Khao Sok national Park focusing on jungle trekking and kayaking and spelunking and nature wildlife watching.

Rough guide to Khao Sok national Park pricing

Accommodations... approximately 550 Baht per day. All accommodations are bungalows floating on the water with mosquito nets, a single lightbulb, somewhat uncomfortable bedding, and out houses/toilets nearby. Showering can be done by jumping in the water and soaping up right in front of your bungalow. Be sure to bring your organic soap that will not pollute the lake. Some of the accommodations have better quality toilets and showers and washing areas. How the longtail boat driver take you to a couple different places before you commit to one.

Food and dining... is included in your accommodations with the exception of alcohol. Coffee, hot chocolate, and yellow tea were provided at our bungalow complementary all day. We stayed at "Ahjaan's"... the longtail driver may or may not be able to understand you or know this guy or his operation... give it your best shot. For breakfast scramble legs, pancakes, toast, coffee, boiled rice soup, and water are served. Breakfast was so big that we didn't have lunch... we just ordered some fresh fruit and they bring out watermelon and pineapple which was perfect. For dinner we had a couple large fried fish caught from the lake, fried mixed vegetables, Thai omelettes, and white rice.

The "longtail" boat fares... this is the most expensive part of the trip... the longtail drivers charge 1500 per boat not per person to come and go from the bungalows. I was not there for this part of the negotiations so you might pay a little more less. Either way if you have several people in your group it will help to divide the cost. They will usually take the scenic route on the way to and from your bungalows.

I recommend you bring along... sunscreen, sunglasses, binoculars, camera, organic soap and shampoo and toothpaste, mosquito repellent, and a healthy appetite for the outdoors.


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