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Mimpi Bungalows & Spa บาหลีบังกาโลใช้เช่า เล่นฟรีสระว่ายน้ำและอาหารเช้า ราคาห้องเช่าวันละประมาณ 8,00- 1,200 บาท บริหารโดยคุณโรสชาวออสเตเรีย อดีตนางพระยาบาลจากประเทศออสเตเรีย บริการนำเที่ยวตามสถานที่ต่างๆ ใจดีมาก ดูลายละเอียดได้จากเว็บไซนี้ http://www.mimpibali.com/

ติดต่อโทร: +62 (0) 8133 857 9595
อีเมลล์ : info@mimpibali.com

แผนที่ Location


Nestled in the low hills of Air Sanih, North Bali, Mimpi Bungalows & Spa offers a stunning 180° view of the Bali Sea, set against a backdrop of Mount Batur in the back land of North Bali and the Kintamani area. Off the beaten tourist path, Mimpi Bungalows & Spa is closely tied to the local Balinese customs and the people of North Bali. Accomodation Bali and Mimpi you can have a variety of real Bali experiences, ranging from trekking through rice terraces, jungles and peanut plantations to snorkeling through acres of coral reef, traditional Balinese massage and rejuvenating Spa treatments, and much, much more, all guaranteeing for a relaxing holiday in Bali.

Air Sanih in North Bali is home to the only natural, cold spring water swimming pool in all of Bali. The pure, sweet water is sure to refresh any dusty traveler. There is also a pool at Mimpi, in case the traveler should like to relax just a few steps from their room.

The area surrounding Air Sanih is also known for the largest palm tree forest of Bali, as well as a beach of over 5km long – perfect for safe swimming and child friendly!. This area of North Bali is one of the few natural preserves of Bali where the traveler will not encounter many other tourists nor pushy salespeople on the beach.

We are sure that your stay at Mimpi Villa and Spa in Air Sanih North Bali will be comfortable, relaxing, and rejuvenating. With a Restaurant, a Spa, a swimming pool, 4 Guest Rooms, and 2 Bungalows, Mimpi can accommodate the needs of any guest.

The staff and owner share a common desire to preserve the natural and spiritual beauty only the North Bali can offer. Please stop by and experience the family atmosphere, share a beautiful home together, and enjoy the joys of the Island of the Gods, Bali!

Go to Mipi bungalows website: http://www.mimpibali.com/


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