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Tabuh ombak ing segara / tabuh Jaya Smara
Came from wave words, Segara that meaning that the wave in the middle ocean. Where the element of this wave could cause the atmosphere of comfort, calmed and sometimes cruel. From this atmosphere emerged the feeling to reveal the inspiration a work of music of the composition song that still quality to the pattern of traditional music. Tabuh this was created in the gong Festival Kebyar Balinese Art during 1993 in Art Centre..

Tedung Agung Dance (Welcome dance)
Tedung Agung consists of two words, "Tedung" means umbrella and "Agung" means great. The idea of the name is to evoke a protective "umbrella" to serve and celebrate Balinese culture. Tedung agung is performed by male and female dancers. In this dance, female dance carry flowers while male dancers used umbrella for both as symbolic and aesthetic presentation. This newly created dance is. Segara น่าจะมาจากคำว่าคลื่น ความหมายนั้นคือคลื่นในกลางมหาสมุทร เปลียบสเหมือนสายลมและความสะดวกสบาย สงบและโหดร้าย จากการชมการแสดงนี้แล้วรู้สึกประทับใจเป็นอย่างมาก ครั้งแรกที่เข้าชมไม่ได้อ่านประหวัดของการแสดงว่าเรื่องราวเป็นมาอย่างไร แต่เขาเล่นได้ดีมากการลำนั้นก็เป็นเอ็กลักษณ์แบบที่หาดูได้ที่บาหลีที่เดียวกะมัง การแสดงนั้นจะแสดงทีท่า และใช้ดวงตาและลูกตากอกกลิ้งแทนการพูด เสียงดนตรีที่ใช้ประกอบการแสดงนั้นก็น่าฟังดี การแสดงใช้เวลาประมาณสองชั่วโมง ค่าบัตรที่เข้าชมราคาประมาณ 300 บาท


Baris in Group (Warrior Dance)
The marching warrior dance "Baris" is widely known as improvising dance in which the dynamic dancer is accompanied and followed by the mass. When the are more than one at the same time, everybody should a part of a group warrior. The dance to night represents the group Baris with more than one dancer performing as a group of ancient warriors on the way to battle.

The Legong Supraba Duta of Mahabrata Efic.
The classical Legong Dance was performed by 5 ladies. The story is a fable from Mahbrata Epic. There happened a bad thing in the heaven which was caused by Raksasa Newatakwaca. He wanted to destroy the angle Supraba and Arjuna fight Raksasa Newatakwaca. before the fight, a romantic thing happened between the angle Supraba and Arjuna after that went Newatakwaca palace and at the last by some trick from the Supraba and the cleverness of Arjuna, Raksasa Nawatakwaca was killed.

Taruna Jaya Dance
This dance expresses changing moods characteristic of the transitional period experienced by any youth in Balinese life. The movement expresses the enthusiastic energy of youth.

Cendrawasih Dance
The Cendrawasih dance is the beautiful bird from Irian Jaya which is know as the bird of paradise. This choreography is taking about the bird, its cogence, its behaviors and its beauties in Balinese way.

Topeng Arsa Wijaya Dance
Topeng is the Balinese word for mask. People classify mask, in two different characters, according to their expressions. topeng Alus or the Soft Mask represents the tender, lenient of gentle character, while the antagonist is Topeng Keras or the Tough Mask, reprwsenting the hard incentive or relentless character.


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