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Here is a rough guide on how to go on a visa run to Myanmar from Phuket or Khao Lak. We rented a car, left Phuket around 10am, stopped for lunch, and arrived the Andaman Club ferry landing around 4pm. We took the ferry across, checked in, ate,

About your visa:

======= Patong Car Rent
Mobile: (66) 01.970.4288, 01.607.4993
Contact person: Supattra

======= Andaman Club & Casino
+66 22 85 64 04

You drop off your passport when you arrive Myanmar and get it back upon checkout. When you take the ferry back to Thailand to check in they give you a fresh 30 days.

Renting the car:

Patong Car Rentals, they are based in Patong. We paid 1000 baht per day for a Suzuki Jeep. We used about 1000 baht worth of gas to get there and back plus a little sightseeing.

How to get to the Andaman Club ferry:

Drive to Ranong and then pay a taxi to show you the way. Cost 100 baht.

Reserving a room at the Andaman Club Casino:

We made a reservation by phone ( this saves about 300 baht per night ).

You must arrive at the ferry before 5pm to catch their last sailing. The cost is 500 baht for the ticket. This also covers your visa stamp fee. Make sure you have at least 5 days remaining on your visa or they will charge you an extra 800 baht for your visa. This is not the case if you go to the standard immigration in Ranong.

The casino will charge you 1500 baht admission ( this is unheard of anywhere else ) or you can buy a yearly membership for 10,000 baht. We didn't pay so can't tell you how good or bad the casino was.

Stopping for lunch:

Just before you cross the bridge to leave Phuket there is a Beach with several small restaurants; we stopped here and picked up a large plate of Crab Fried Rice. It fed three for 160 baht and was full of large chunks of fresh crab. Highly recommended. Nice beach atmosphere too.

Our room was fine ( slight mildew smell ); nothing special with the exception of the ocean and sunset view. Nice marble bathrooms. Mini bar, towels, two double beds, remote cable tv, 2 beds, and free breakfast for two. Room charge was 2000 baht for two adults. Extra person/bed was 800 baht. The hotel does not take credit cards! However there is an atm at the ferry landing.

The breakfast buffet was the best part of our stay. The buffet closes at 10am. Great O.J., no eggs benny, good cereals with powdered sugar and raisins, Kao Tom ( rice soup ), pastries, coffee, tea, etc.

The pool was clean, uncrowded, and deep enough for a few good cannonballs. However the staff was kind of staring us down and hovering around.

Sightseeing along the way:

We didn't go to Kao Sok National Park but I've heard good reviews. I guess you can stay in bungalows on the river, go innertubing or rafting down the river, and nature hike.

We stopped off at Wat Sohm Pahn ( See photo ) where they have a large golden sitting Buddha, fish feeding frenzies, and Durian sales. Note: Don't buy Durians and store them in your trunk for the drive home.... the smell penetrates the trunk walls and stinks up the car.


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